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                          Love Lossie
                          27th November, 2013
                          Efords Ltd

                          Efords Ltd This new bespoke website was designed by Bothy Creative and built by us. The site features a clean design, straightforward navigation and a changing homepage image.

                          View the site at:

                          4th October, 2013
                          South Street Dental Practice

                          South Street Dental Practice This new bespoke website for South Street Dental Practice is clean looking and easy to navigate.

                          Located in Elgin and serving the Moray community since 1973, The South Street Dental Practice is owned and managed by experienced dentists Bill Bennie and Gary Bethune.

                          View the site at:
                          27th September, 2013
                          Campbell Bakers

                          Campbell Bakers Recently live this bespoke site promotes Campbell Bakers and the online purchase of their freshly baked Butteries and award winning Oatcakes.

                          Campbell Bakers has been providing the Moray area with handmade products prepared nightly by their bakers since 1985 to ensure freshness and quality.

                          View the site at:
                          20th September, 2013
                          BJR Safety

                          BJR Safety BJR Safety specialises in providing a comprehensive HSE Service to the Oil and Gas Industry, Engineering, Scotch Whisky Industry and Renewables Sector

                          View the site at:
                          13th September, 2013

                          Etechlimit This newly completed site offers a clean look and attractive navigation system.

                          E-TechLimit are a new generation of Rig Optimisation Engineers with a new approach to continuous improvement in the worksite.

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                          5th September, 2013
                          Elgin CARS

                          Elgin CARS Designated an ‘outstanding’ area of conservation due to the large number of listed buildings, several of which are considered to be of national importance, the historic fabric of Elgin High Street is a valuable asset worth looking after. Elgin Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme has been set up to do just that.

                          Grants will be offered to building owners and occupiers for the identified priority buildings and closes, other historic buildings in need of repair, and for shop front improvements. To find out more, please visit their website.

                          View the site at:
                          9th August, 2013
                          Bridge of Brown Crafts

                          Bridge of Brown Crafts Engineering, model making and restoration of models, motorbikes and tractors. The site showcases their work in a number of image galleries.

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                          5th August, 2013
                          ANH Drilling Performance Consultant

                          ANH Drilling Perofrmance Consultant ANH Drilling Performance Consultant provides services to the domestic and international offshore drilling and completion operations, performance coaching, and logistics management. Experience includes technical limit process implementation, deep water drilling and completion projects, scheduling, project management, budgetary analysis, and risk management

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                          2nd August, 2013
                          Lindy Wildsmith, Food Writer

                          Lindy Wildsmith Food Writer Cook and food writer Lindy Wildsmith specializes in British country and Italian regional food. Fish and game, home cooking and kitchen crafts, such as preserving, curing, smoking and potting are high on her agenda. She is also a travel writer - in love with Italy - where she lived for many years.

                          This new website features random image changers and an Online Booking form.

                          View the site at:
                          26th July, 2013
                          Dunedin Cottage, Elgin, Moray

                          Dunedin Holiday Cottage This recently completed bespoke website for Dunedin Cottage features an online booking form, random image changer and an availability checker.

                          View the site at:
                          12th July, 2013
                          Crubenbeg Highland Holiday Cottages

                          Crubenbeg Highland Holiday Cottages This recently completed website for Crubenbeg Highland Holiday Cottages features online booking facilities, numerous slideshows, drop-down menus and a flash movie depicting the seasons.

                          View the site at:
                          28th June, 2013
                          Stotfield Hotel, Lossiemouth

                          Stotfield Hotel, Lossiemouth, Moray The Stotfield Hotel website was recently completed and made live for this luxurious local Hotel situated close to Lossiemouth's West Beach and also adjacent to the Golf Course. The website features online booking and integrated image slideshows.

                          View the site at:

                          19th April, 2013
                          Total Trax - Alloy Wheels and Powder Coatings

                          Total Trax - Alloy Wheels and Powder Coatings Total Trax are a local, family business in Morayshire specialising in Alloy Wheel Refurbishing and Powder Coating. Their main objective is to offer outstanding and trusted customer service and satisfaction! This website was a bespoke design which recently went live. To find out more about our budget and bespoke website packages contact Val on 01343 813 638

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                          15th April, 2013
                          The Monarch Hotel & Church Ruin

                          The Monarch Hotel & Church Ruin The Monarch Hotel & Church Ruin is the perfect venue for your holiday, weekend or midweek break. The Monarch Hotel is situated in the picturesque and welcoming village of Laggan by Newtonmore, close to Aviemore and within the stunning Cairngorms National Park, where the hit TV series 'Monarch of the Glen' was filmed. To find out more about our website packages contact Val on 01343 813 638

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                          8th April, 2013
                          North East Sea Adventures

                          North Sea Adventures The North East Sea Adventures Website is a bespoke site designed and built by Digital Routes. To find out more about our Bespoke and Budget website packages contact Val on 01343 813 638

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                          5th April, 2013
                          Laing Bookkeeping Services in Elgin and Moray

                          Bookkeeping Moray Laing Bookkeeping Services, Elgin One page website to promote Laing Bookkeeping Services in Elgin and the Moray area to individuals, sole-traders and small businesses helping with the preparation of annual accounts and submission of tax returns to HMRC as well VAT Returns, general bookkeeping and advice.

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                          2nd April, 2013
                          The Kirkwall Cleaning Company

                          The Kirkwall Cleaning Company - Cleaning Service Provider for the Orkneys, Highlands and Islands One page website to promote new cleaning service for the Orkneys, Highlands and Islands - The Kirkwall Cleaning Company.

                          View the site at:

                          29th March, 2013
                          Check Trades

                          Check Trades Check Trades This is another new budget website that we have recently built. Check Trades will check your company and and then list you as a reputable trader. The service covers Inverness, Moray and Aberdeenshire. To find out more about our website packages contact Val on 01343 813 638

                          View the site at:
                          22nd March, 2013
                          NDW Garden Maintenance & Service

                          NDW Garden Maintenance & Service This is another new website that we have recently built. NDW have a number of gardening and landscaping services on offer ... and they can also supply sheep - very useful for large lawns. This website is based upon one of our Budget Solutions. To find out more about our website packages contact Val on 01343 813 638

                          View the site at:
                          15th March, 2013
                          Moray PC & Laptop Repairs

                          Moray PC and Laptop Repairs This is a new website that we were working on last month for Moray PC & Laptop Repairs. Mark Robertson of Moray PC & Laptop Repairs offer an extensive pc and laptop repair service throughout the Moray area. The website is based upon one of our Budget Solutions. To find out more about our website packages contact Val on 01343 813 638

                          View the site at:

                          22nd February, 2013
                          Speyside Images

                          Speyside Images This openCart based shop was made to showcase and sell the work of talented photographer Peter Harvey. The site uses a slideshow and has PayPal functionality. The site takes full advantage of the easy to use product and category system, allowing the easy addition and organisation of products and also allowing the purchaser to easily find the images they want.

                          View the site at:
                          15th February, 2013
                          Castle Roy

                          Castle Roy Another openCart shop that we have created allows users to purchase a square yard of Castle Roy to help preserve it. The site has a slideshow with varying transitions.

                          View the site at:
                          8th February, 2013
                          Grampian Furnishers

                          Grampian Furnishers Here's one of the new openCart shops that we built towards the end of last year. These new shops have a very slick interface for adding items and categories making shop management a breeze. They are also very easy to use from a shopper's perspetive too.

                          View the site at:

                          1st February, 2013
                          Steven Thomson Funeral Directors

                          Steven Thomson Funeral Directors This is another site we designed and built last year which never made it onto our homepage. Steven Thomson & Son, Funeral Directors, Lossiemouth is one of Moray's most highly respected funeral directors. We are an independent, family-owned company whose reputation in the community is built on a long tradition of personal service.

                          View the site at:
                          25th January, 2013
                          Georgesons Estate Agents

                          Georgesons Estate Agents Towards the end of last year we redesigned and built the new Georgesons Property website. The site has many features such as Search by Map, Quick search form, Latest properties and Property alert registration for up to the minute updates and new properties.

                          View the site at:
                          21st January, 2013
                          Inverfiddich Lodge

                          Inverfiddich Lodge Here's another that went live last year but didn't make our front page. Inverfiddich Lodge is nestled on the banks of the River Spey in Moray. It looks an ideal retreat to get away from everything or go for a spot of fishing, birdwatching or wildlife watching including otters, red squirrels and roe deer. The website offers a simple online booking form and availability checker.

                          View the site at:
                          16th January, 2013
                          Ian Thomson Used Cars

                          Ian Thomson Used Cars Here's another that we made earlier, also from the end of last year.
                          This site for Ian Thomson's Used Cars was another wordpress site. A nice clean layout and very easy client maintenance.

                          View the site at:
                          11th January, 2013
                          Keith Cars

                          Keith Cars Keith Cars Here's one we made earlier. Last year infact. We'll be adding some of last years sites that never made it to the homepage news over the next month ort two. New ones will also be added as they are made live.
                          This site for Keith Cars was a nice one we did as a wordpress site. Very easy maintenance on these ones by the client.

                          View the site at:
                          1st January, 2013
                          Happy New Year

                          Happy New Year for 2013 We hope all our customers have a fantastic 2013.
                          Happy New Year!

                          Our New Years Resolution is to try and keep our news up to date!

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